We are sorry!! Online booking system is not activated yet. Please call or Email us for bookings anytime before this notice disappear.

We are currently using the Chinese version of the karaoke system. Although the system is in English, a lot of our customers find it is challenging to select English songs without any instructions. Please see the instructions below. 

How to select songs by author/singer:

Touch the screen on “Songs”–>”Foreign(It does not show unless touch and drag the Singer title line to the left)”–>Press on “Enter search content”–>Search for your singer by INITIAL only(Example: To search for Daniel Powter press DP, as “Daniel” will not show).

How to select songs by song  name:

Touch the screen on “Songs”–“Language”–“English”–>Press on “Keyboard(image)”–>Search for your songs(Space matters)

*We do not have a full range of English songs with the current system but more than 80% of our customers are English speakers, and more than 80% of our customers leave without complaint. 

Good News with the new Karaoke System

We have changed Room 003, 006, and Vip1 with a new Karaoke system that supports a “Full-name” search(ignore the spaces). 

This system should have around 80% more English songs. 

Your feedbacks are important to us(Text or Email).