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Slide Welcome to Po Karaoke Bar Sing your lungs out and make full of yourself in front of your friends but not anyone else.
*Call(Operating hours only), Text or Email us for cancellation and any other changes.
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Karaoke System Instruction

Instructions on how to select English songs

On Going Promotions

Happy hour: No room charges from 5:30pm-8:30pm

10% more of the bar tab for online payment

Free Parking

5:00pm - 5:00am


Please Bring NZ Valid ID

No Intoxications

No Minors

Po Karaoke

Minimum Expenditure Policy

· The bar tab of $20/person apply at all times
· The total amount of bar tab will be put on to the room
· The bar tab can be used on Food and Beverages only
· Only appointed member/representer/decision-maker in the room are eligible to use the bar tab(Up to 3 people)
· The bar tab expires with the time of the room (Room hours may not be extendable if there comes a new booking in between your singing hour)

Example 1: Jason booked for 2 hours of a small room with a group of 4 people. Jason’s group needs to prepay $136 in total which included $56(2hrs of a small room) plus $80(bar tab for 4 ppl) that can be spent on food & drinks. Jason is the only person that is eligible to use the bar tab of $80 and all other members will pay as you go.

Example 2: Amy booked a VIP room for a group of 12 people to sing for 3 hours. Amy’s group needs to prepay $384 which included $144(3 hours of VIP Room) plus $240(bar tab for 12 people). Amy’s group divided $384 into 12 and everyone pays $32. Amy and her two other friends are appointed to use the bar tab of $240 and all other members will pay as you go. 

Example 3: Bill booked a medium room for 6 people. The group sang for an hour and did not drink or eat at all. However, the total bill for his group comes to $158($38 room charge+$120 minimum expenditure for 6). 

Example 4: Emma with a group of 5 people keen to sing and tried to book with us. There is only one VIP room was available and she booked for 2 hours. The bill is going to be $256($96 of Vip Room Charge+$20 x 8 of the minimum tab for a Vip room).

Example 5: Joe booked a room at 9 pm but arrived at 9:10 pm. However, the room charge will be accounted for from 9 pm.

Example 6: Lucy booked a medium room for 8 people for 2 hours and paid in full($76 room charge+160 bar tabe=$236) online. Lucy is eligible to order $176($160+160*10%) worth of food and drinks because any bookings that are paid fully online will receive 10% more of the bar tab. Lucy chooses to preorder through email so the group is able to enjoy food and drinks right away.

Example 7: Kelly booked a small room with 4 people to sing for 2 hours and paid $136($56 room+$80 tab) fully online and received an extra $8(+10% of bar tab for online payment), but end up coming 5 people instead of 4. There will be an extra $20 bar tab charged on-site and added to the total bar tab. There will be no extra 10% of the bar tab for on-site payment. 

Example 8: Josh is with a group of 10 people and booked for a VIP room. However, he chooses 20 people and pays online just to receive more extra 10% of the total bar tab which is $40(20*$20*10%) rather than $20(10*$20*10%).

Example 9: Lily booked a room for 8 people for 2 hours of medium room and she paid $236(Room charge+8 bar tab) fully online. She will receive $16(+10% bar tab) of an extra bar tab, but end up with only 5 people showing up. There will be no refund applicable.

Example 10: John’s keen on singing but he doesn’t know if it’s going to be 5 or 10, so he just booked for 5 and choose to pay locally. 8 people showed up and we will charge $160 for the total bar tab. 

*Any no-show-up bookings for more than 20 minutes can be replaced by other customers.

About Us

The business was founded in 2010 providing room karaoke as the core product with authentic Chinese food, alcoholic drinks, and various non-alcoholic drinks are available.

Our mission is to provide safe and enjoyable karaoke experiences to our customers.

Let us know(Email) your experiences with Po Karaoke, and we will try our best to fulfill your needs.